High-Speed Lamination Capabilities 

The high-speed laminators used at Plastatech® are capable of combining multiple films with a layer of high-strength polyester scrim. Our lamination system imparts excellent physical properties to all of our engineered products. This process delivers a cohesive bond between the high-thread-count scrim and the films — creating a non-separable, long-lasting adhesion that will not delaminate.

Laminator Capabilities:

  • Width: Up to 72"
  • Weights: 16 oz.–57 oz./yd²
  • Thickness: 20–60 mil
  • Set up for a four-layer construction
  • Can supply material with translucent or blackout characteristics
  • Matte and taffeta emboss rolls available


  • Single-Ply roofing
  • Reinforced geomembranes


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