PlastaFlex® Geomembrane Systems

PlastaFlex geomembranes meet the intense long-term durability and resilience challenges found in waste management, chemical processing, natural gas, and aquaculture industries.

PlastaFlex geomembranes are guaranteed to withstand extreme temperatures, deliver exceptional tensile and puncture strength, and resist even the harshest chemical attacks.

PlastaFlex products include: PlastaFlex IG Industrial Grade, PlastaFlex FG Fish Grade, PlastaFlex OR Oil Resistant, and Tech 5.

Why Choose PlastaFlex?

PlastaFlex Applications:

Consult your project engineer or installer/contractor to determine what physical properties are required for your application. The above applications are only suggested uses, and are not all inclusive. A chemical compatibility test is recommended prior to using any PlastaFlex Geomembrane.