Company History

John Burt

Plastatech® Engineering, Ltd. is a responsive, close-knit family-owned and operated business, dedicated to ensuring the success of our customers by providing the highest quality calendered and PVC-based films, knitted fabrics, and laminates.

The Spirit of Innovation

In 1988, entrepreneur John R. Burt (the founder of the Duro-Last® single-ply roofing system) created a new business venture: Plastatech Engineering, Ltd. The intent of this new company was to provide a world class roofing membrane for the Duro-Last roofing system. Under the leadership of John's daughter, Kathy L. Allen, a talented team of professionals experienced in PVC formulation and production was assembled. A state-of-the-art calendering, knitting, laminating, and coating facility was then built in Saginaw, Michigan.

Making the "World's Best" Products

From those beginnings, Plastatech's reputation for quality craftsmanship has spread nationwide. The high performance of the single-ply membrane that Plastatech supplies to Duro-Last has helped the Duro-Last roofing system become known as the "World's Best Roof"®.

Using the expertise gained in manufacturing exposed membranes, Plastatech has expanded its product lines to include architectural fabrics and both reinforced and non-reinforced geomembranes.