Plastatech® Engineering, Ltd. has been a proud American manufacturer since its inception in 1988. We are part of the JRB family of companies, a Michigan-based, diverse group of companies specializing in the manufacturing of high-quality building and industrial products.

Our roofing products are sold exclusively by Duro-Last® Roofing, Inc. and cover government offices all across the United States. Additionally, our line of HIGH-POINT® architectural fabrics is used to manufacture military, temporary shelters, and portable warehouses.

Whether your project is U.S.-based or overseas, trust Plastatech to deliver products that meet your specifications.

Plastatech supports the Buy America & Berry Amendment Provisions. (Buy America & Berry Amendment Provisions - FY 2004 Defense Department Authorization Bill

The Berry Amendment requires the U.S. Defense Department (DOD) to buy certain products — judged essential to our military readiness — with 100% U.S. content and labor. These products include clothing and other textile items, specialty steel, and food. In addition to the Berry Amendment, certain other "Buy American" provisions apply to DOD. You can learn more about the Berry Amendment by clicking here.